Sustainable Transport Division

The Sustainable Transport Division (formerly known as the National Sustainable Transport Office) is part of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.  The National Sustainable Travel Office (NSTO) was established in early 2009, following the publication of Smarter Travel Plan 2009-2020 - the Framework Policy for Sustainable Transport and the National Cycle Policy Framework

The Sustainable Transport Division promotes the use and development of sustainable means of transport – walking, cycling and public transport.  The Sustainable Transport Division works with local authorities, Government agencies such as the National Roads Authority, the National Transport Authority and interested parties such as Cycling Ireland to develop ways to get Irish people to shift to smarter, more sustainable modes of travelling and to reduce reliance on the private car.

The Sustainable Transport Division provides funding to local authorities and the National Roads Authority (NRA) to develop facilities to support sustainable transport, such as cycle lanes and improved pedestrian routes.  
In addition to administering schemes which provide funding for the facilities, or infrastructure, to make smarter travel safer and more attractive to users, the Sustainable Transport Division funds, and in some cases runs, a number of schemes which promote and encourage smarter travel, including  Bike Week, to encourage more people to take up cycling, Smarter Travel Workplaces, which helps employers to bring smarter travel to their workplaces and the Green Schools Travel component which educates school pupils and parents to the benefits of travelling smarter.

The Sustainable Transport Division can be contacted in writing to Sustainable Transport Division, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leeson Lane, Dublin 2 or by email to