Smarter Travel at work

Smarter Travel workplaces is a programme which supports large employers to encourage more sustainable commuting and travel choices among their staff.  The programme is operated by the National Transport Authority (NTA) on behalf of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.  The NTA provides free expert advice and support for workplaces to encourage employees to move to smarter ways of traveling whether on foot, by bike, by public transport or through car sharing.  It can cut costs for employers, increase health and well-being of staff and help a company to become 'Greener'. 

Smarter Travel workplaces has projects in 77 of the largest workplaces in the State, including companies such as the ESB, DELL and Phitzer  and major universities and hospitals.   Employers who have taken part have found car use drop from between 10 to 30% in their workplaces.

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