European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week 2020

The Department of Transport is the Irish national coordinator for the annual European Mobility Week, which took place from 16 - 22 September this year.

Each year European Mobility Week focuses on a particular topic related to Sustainable Mobility. This year's theme was "Zero-emmission mobility for all". The theme reflects the ambitious targets of carbon-neutral continent by 2050, as laid out by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, when presenting the Euopean Green Deal. 

It also aims to highlight the importance of accessibility to zero-emmission transport and to promote an inclusive framework involving everyone. 

Despite the different conditions across Europe's urban areas, measures can be taken to promote a carbon-neutral and inclusive environment. Therefore, European Mobility Week 2020 encourages people and local authorities to take steps to achieve the long-term goal of a carbon-neutral continent. 

COVID has clearly impacted greatly on our lives this year, whether on a personal level or on a work level or both. Despite this there have been many lessons learnt from this crisis in relation to mobility which can have a positive impact on our lives. For example we have learnt that public space is more important than ever, our cities are for people not just for cars therefore providing more space for cyclists and pedestrians not only accommodates social distancing guidelines but also reduces traffic congestion and promotes a healthy and an active lifestyle. 

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