Active Travel Towns

In 2012, a 5 year multi-annual funding support programme named Active Travel Towns was initiated principally for the strategic development of strategies and infrastructures to support walking and cycling in towns outside the Greater Dublin Area.

Available funding in the region of €6 m for 2012/13, was allocated to Local Authorities to deliver Active Travel towns through a competitive process.

The rationale underpinning the development of an Active Travel Towns programme was that in order to continue on a trajectory towards securing our national cycle policy target of 10% of all trips to be made by bike by 2020, securing increased bicycle (and walking) mode share will require a focus to be placed on population and employment centres, i.e. delivery of increased cycling and walking mode share in urban areas. 

The principal objective of Active Travel Towns is to achieve modal shift from car to either walking and/or cycling.

It is hoped that this objective will be achieved through deliverables such as 

  •  the provision of safer routes for people to travel by bike or on foot
  • a reduction  in short-distance car journeys through the availability of good quality travel  information and alternative infrastructure
  • Community involvement
  • Improved walking and cycling access to public transport
  • Tie-in with schools/colleges and workplace plans both through existing programmes and new linkages.

Funding was available in two parallel streams :-

  • Stream 1 - Development of strategies for those towns which do not have a walking and cycling strategy; and
  • Stream 2 – Implementation measures (principally infrastructure but also to include supporting behavioural change including information dissemination) of local authority strategies, both existing and new.

A further competitive round of funding was then made available for delivery in 2014 - 2016 of measures included in Local Authority Strategies with the primary objectives of achieving modal shift from cars to either walking or cycling.